• About Karey

Karey Baker BA, LMT

Karey has a passion for honoring women, in all stages of life, with nourishing bodywork. With 13 years of experience supporting women, mothers, and mothers-to-be, Karey believes every woman deserves to feel embodied and whole. With skillful, therapeutic touch and intuitive presence, Karey facilitates the individual’s innate capacity to heal.

Karey’s training includes swedish massage, therapeutic deep tissue, neuromuscular techniques, prenatal/postpartum massage, and zen shiatsu. In Karey’s free time she enjoys spending time in nature, cooking farm fresh meals, knitting by the fire, and hiking with her daughter.

Karey is an incredibly nurturing massage therapist.  She offers not only physical relief but a caring heart and mind as well.  I’ve worked with her both during pregnancy and after, and every time I see her I only wish I could see her more.  She has the knowledge and ability to offer therapeutic sessions or relaxing ones depending on what I most need at the time.  Karey has a way of finding spots in my body I never even knew were tense and offering much needed relief.  In seeing her, I always feel listened to, relaxed and stronger to go about my days.  I will most definitely continue to refer all of my closest friends and family to New Moon Bodywork.” Brie D. new mama

I started seeing Karey Baker for prenatal massage prior to the birth of my second child, as I was having significant back, hip, and pelvic pain, complicated by a recent abdominal surgery. I was immediately impressed by her exceptional skill, intuition, and kindness. The positive effects each massage created lasted days and even weeks beyond the end of the session. I found a flexibility I had never had before, even with years of dedicated yoga practice, and I believe her work contributed significantly to my ability to have a wonderful, positive birth experience. Karey Baker is an exceptionally gifted massage therapist, and I count myself blessed to have found her.” Erin S. new mother and childbirth educator