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Integrative Sessions
An integrative session will nourish you using deep swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, and myofascial
release techniques. Whether you are recovering from injury, looking for relaxation, or experiencing chronic pain, an integrative session will address your needs. These sessions help guide the body to release muscular tension which in turn strengthens the immune system and encourages renewal within the body.

Prenatal and Postpartum Sessions
The transition from pregnancy to motherhood is one of the most dynamic experiences a woman will journey through during her lifetime. Receiving prenatal and postpartum massage can help support women as they undergo significant emotional, physiological, and structural changes. These sessions provide supportive, nurturing touch, as well as focused attention to areas of discomfort. Prenatal and postpartum sessions offer relief from common aches and pains such as low back discomfort, shoulder and neck tension, and hip/pelvic pain. Gentle stretches and nurturing bodywork facilitate connection between mama and baby.

Karey’s hands are truly capable of working magic. And while she will happily accommodate requests for a light touch, she is also not afraid to dig deeply into sore muscles. But what really makes a massage with Karey such a wonderful experience is her warm, welcoming and empathetic┬ápersonality. Her massage room is a safe and nurturing place in which to share both the joys and the struggles of the pregnancy journey.” Sally W. expectant mother

I cannot say enough good things about Karey! I started getting regular massages from Karey when I was pregnant with my third child. She is warm and welcoming and listens carefully before offering her thoughts on what would be most helpful in the massage. It is clear that she really knows what she is doing. Her massages really helped support me through a sometimes difficult pregnancy and the tensions of nursing and returning to work. I kept seeing her after my daughter was born, and the massages continue to be exactly what I need. She is a truly gifted massage therapist and healer.” C B new mother